Figure 1: A large mid-vocal fold cyst.یک کیست بزرگ در خط وسط تار صوتی

Figure 3: A longstanding polyp has become very oddly shaped. There are enlarged blood vessels on both vocal folds. یک پولیپ که در طولانی مدت به شکل عجیبی درآمده است

Figure 2: Cancers can grow to a size that interferes with breathing. A larger cancer involves the front of both vocal folds, and blocks a substantial part of the airway.سرطان حنجره

Figure 3: There is redness, swelling and thickening of the mucosa.موکوس قرمز ، متورم و ضخیم شده درفردمبتلابه ریفلاکس

Figures 2 and 3: This large granuloma is attached to the vocal fold by a stalkگرانولوم بزرگ با یک ساقه به تار صوتی متصل شده است

Figure 3: Nodules always occur in pairs ندول ها همیشه جفت هستند

Figure 3: Severe Reinke’s edema of both vocal folds can make breathing difficult. The vocal folds are open in this picture.ادم رینکه ی شدید هردو تار صوتی می تواند تنفس را دشوار کند

Figure 1: Several varices are visible as red patches and enlarged blood vessels over both vocal folds. This jazz vocalist had had four hemorrhages over six months. خونریزی تارهای صوتی